Haier Mini-Vertical Freezer - BD88DEM is best suited for modern home kitchens having limited consumption of frozen food.Haier announced the launch of its all-new Haier Mini-Vertical Freezer - BD88DEM and Haier Premium Vertical Freezer - BD168WL in India. Additionally, it offers ideal temperature flexibility between -4 China frozen pea pods to -25 degrees, to maintain the freshness of the stored items. These latest vertical freezers can be divided separately into controlled compartments which are ideal for stocking small to large variety of frozen food items in the most favourable conditions, ensuring that the food retains its nutritional value for a longer time span.

Staying true to its philosophy, Haier has introduced this range to provide consumers with an option beyond conventional freezers. Its compact and portable design offers a capacity of 88 litres and is easy to fit as an under-counter product in modular kitchens ensuring maximum space utility. The frost-free freezer comes with a premium gold finish on door to further beautify the contemporary aesthetics of modern kitchens. Be it your home made chocolates or ice cream or any other frozen food, ensuring that the food is served in its optimum state. Ahead of summer, we have started a special drive against the sale of frozen dessert being served as ice cream.A frozen dessert is a mixture of milk powder, vegetable oil and artificial sweeteners.

More than half also said they didnrsquo;t like the vegetables served in school. One serving of vegetables could be one cup of leafy greens, a half-cup of cooked or raw veggies, or three-fourths of a cup of vegetable juice. Cafeterias served canned or frozen vegetables similar to what they would normally prepare for school lunches.Sensory scientists and research chefs at the McCormick Science Institute, which funded the study, developed the recipes for the experiment.Still, the approach tested in the study would be a low-cost and simple strategy to try in school cafeterias because itrsquo;s using products that are already staples of school lunch programs, said Gregory Madden, a researcher at Utah State University in Logan.



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